SAS to provide e-intelligence solution to Amazon selects SAS' e-Intelligence for management of business data.

SAS Institute, an e-intelligence system provider, today announced that leading online retailer has selected SAS e-Intelligence for its business operations.

An agreement with SAS equips with a range of SAS software and services over the next five years.

E-intelligence is a grwoing field of e-business application that enables a business to tap, consolidate and manage information about its business processes.

"Streamlining our internal processes and enhancing customer responsiveness is critical to us," said Jim Miller, vice president of supply chain for operations at "The better we can predict customer demand, the better prepared we can be to offer the immediate and high quality service our customers deserve."

"SAS e-Intelligence will give the power to turn raw Web data into real knowledge, transforming the way it does business," said Bruce Brown, regional director, SAS Asia. "The agreement we've just signed reflects market reality: to truly succeed at e-commerce, companies must unlock secrets buried in ever-burgeoning volumes of increasingly complex data."

Touting itself as the leader in providing e-intelligence solutions, SAS's e-Intelligence is said to deliver capabilities for enhancing inventory forecast and management as well.

SAS is currantly the world's largest privately held software company with revenues totaling US$1.02 billion in 1999. It's software is used at more than 33,000 business, government and university sites around the world.