Savage Security snapped up by Threatcare

Savage Security was assisting Threatcare with research before the buyout.

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Threatcare has acquired Savage Security, with the aim of providing a one-stop shop for enterprise security solutions.


The acquisition was announced on Tuesday.

Threatcare is a provider of cybersecurity solutions including consultancy, controls monitoring, attack simulations, and training through the Violet virtual assistant platform.

The company was already working with Savage Security in the development of go-to-market resources and by providing feedback for product ideas and improvements, and now, Threatcare hopes the buyout will improve the firm's product portfolio.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

Under the terms of the deal, Savage Security's subscription-based services will be paired with Violet, and the company will continue conducting and publishing research on cybersecurity solutions in the industry.

Threatcare says the acquisition will give Knoxville, Tenn.-based Savage Security "larger staff and funding" to produce this research, although the firm will also shift to Threatcare branding.

The acquisition closed on Dec. 16 2017, following successful seed funding that secured Threatcare $1.4 million.

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"I am very proud to announce Threatcare's acquisition of Savage Security," said Marcus Carey, Threatcare CEO. "Threatcare's ability to now offer strategic services -- in addition to software -- enables us to be a one stop solution for many security teams."

"Ultimately, I set out to help answer the question, 'how well do these products work', while the guys at Savage set out to answer the question, 'how well do these processes work'," the executive added. "Pulling the two together is a winning combination."

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