Say goodbye to CacheFlow...

...and hello to Blue Coat
Written by CNET Networks, Contributor

...and hello to Blue Coat

CacheFlow, which once concentrated on servers for speeding up internet access, has changed its name to Blue Coat Systems and will focus on the security market. The transition, which has been in the works for some time, coincides with the release of the company's first server for the market, the Blue Coat SG800, which protects against Web vulnerabilities. The SG800 inspects all web traffic and then analyses it for potential security problems. Once analysed, incoming traffic can be stopped, allowed to proceed, or tagged with a cookie to see what it does. The shift in strategy to some degree falls under the "speed is out; security is in" category. The company grew up in the heady internet days when business customers were buying caching servers, which store commonly accessed web pages for more rapid access, to improve site performance, free up other servers on the network, and increase customer satisfaction. Michael Kanellos writes for News.com
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