Schneider Electric launches fast charger for electric vehicles

The EVlink DC Quick Charger joins a growing portfolio of EV chargers designed to provide up to 80 percent of a battery's charger in a half-hour or less.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

A new electric charging option from Schneider Electric can give electric vehicles up to 80 percent of their car battery's full charge in less than a half-hour.

The technology, called the EVlink DC Quick Charger, is being pitched as a solution that could be installed at shopping malls, public parking lots or even in traditional gas stations. The company also is pitching it as an option for corporate fleets and rental car companies.

Said Mike Calise, director of electric vehicles, power business for Schneider Electric:

"We know more DC quick chargers will improve 'effective range' of electric vehicles helping to solve range limitations and encourage wider spread adoption. With easy access to faster and reliable chargers, people will be more comfortable buying and driving EVs."

The charger can be configured so that it requires radio frequency identification (RFID) authentication or a credit card to be used. Schneider Electric focused on supporting the emerging standards for charging infrastructure including CHAdeMO and SAE J1772, so that the charge can be used with a wide range of electric vehicle models.

Schneider Electric isn't the only player on the market with a DC quick charger. Eaton, Efacec, and a leading European player, ABB, are among those vying for mindshare in this space -- which could help address the need for more charging infrastructure if electric vehicles are to develop a truly mainstream appeal.

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