Science or science fiction: cold fusion getting hotter?

Cold fusion. Science or wishful thinking? Fact or fantasy?

Cold fusion. Science or wishful thinking? Fact or fantasy? A conference at MIT brought together many of the proponents to strut their fusion stuff.

That's the same MIT that some cold fusion proponents blame for "killing off" cold fusion. Or at least putting it on a list of projects the federal government won't fund. Japan and China eschew cold fusion funding as well.

There's some political support for fusion research in Canada, witness this recent newspaper editorial. India continues cold fusion research. And so does France, which loves all things nuclear. France is also hot on hotter forms of fusion, and is now building a new experimental reactor.

If you want to hear from the believers, here's a link to the "Cold Fusion Times." Cold fusion theory got started back in the 1940s and the typeface for the "Times" website looks even older than that.


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