SCO Group's war on Linux

In a controversial effort to boost revenues from its Unix intellectual property, SCO Group is suing IBM for $1bn and alleging that companies using Linux may be legally liable. A ZDNet UK News Focus
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Microsoft to license SCO Group Unix rights
Mon 19 May The Windows maker has stepped into the fray surrounding SCO Group's efforts to increase its revenues from its Unix intellectual property, which include accusations against Linux SuSE: SCO's anti-Linux attacks are 'curious'
Thur 15 May SuSE says it will continue supporting the UnitedLinux code base despite SCO's attacks on Linux's legal legitimacy, as Linux vendors say they are not yet concerned SCO warns businesses over Linux liabilities
Thur 15 May SCO Group has sent letters to hundreds of the world's biggest companies warning of potential legal threats for those who use Linux, a move that could derail the open-source software SuSE feels safe despite SCO legal threat
Tues 6 May A joint development agreement between SCO and SuSE will protect SuSE from any legal action, the Linux seller has said SCO site suffers DDoS outage
Tues 6 May The software company, which is currently suing IBM for infringing its intellectual property, saw its Web site taken offline by a 'well-orchestrated' denial-of-service attack SCO admits business risks of IBM lawsuit
Tues 1 April A regulatory filing by SCO has warned of some of the potential consequences for the company of its lawsuit with IBM over Unix licences IBM: Our Unix licence is irrevocable
Tues 11 March As the war of words continues, IBM says it has no intention of stopping shipments of AIX - but its position is dismissed by SCO as 'hogwash' IBM adopts fighting talk over SCO Unix suit
Mon 10 March The tone of IBM's response indicates that it will not knuckle under to SCO's $1bn lawsuit and associated demands over the rights to Unix SCO sues IBM over Unix, Linux
Fri 7 March SCO Group is accusing IBM of illegally appropriating Unix trade secrets and building them into Linux, and wants £630m. The move is a desperate one, say industry observers COMMENTARY
Who stole SCO's lollipop?
Matt Loney: Is SCO's decision to send in the lawyers a valid business decision or a petulant reprisal at the playground bully? At best, the company appears to have the same grasp of reality as the former Iraqi information minister
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