Screenshots of Windows App Store leak: Looks suspiciously like Apple's

Screenshots have emerged of the new application store due to arrive in Windows 8, dubbed the Windows App Store.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

Images of the new Windows App Store have emerged, showing similar functionality to not only Apple's App Store, but also the Ubuntu Software Center.

Regardless, it is bringing Windows 8, for which these screenshots are taken from, into the next-generation application game.

From what we see here, it suggests one will be able to download a vast number of applications, ranging from games to office applications. With applications available like Opera and Angry Birds, it's clear that Microsoft are following suit with other content providers by opening up to third-party applications.

Since Apple released the Mac App Store, Microsoft has been fighting to get the application store ready for users in time. (Update: It seems I am not the only one who thinks it looks like the Apple App Store).

However, considering Apple's move to sue Amazon for the use of the name "App Store", Microsoft could also be in hot water if it continues to use the name. Apple maintains it should have control over the "App Store" name, though Microsoft is contending the challenge.

At least now we know why. Officially, that is.

Though it does look suspiciously similar to the Mac App Store and the Ubuntu Software Center, I don't think much can be taken from it. Personally, I think it looks strangely similar to Windows Media Player.

Regardless, these rumours we keep hearing about seem to be ringing true week by week as these leaks slip out. What else is Microsoft hiding up their increasingly long sleeves?

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