Scribble your email: New feature for Gmail iOS

Gmail is introducing a 'Scribbles' function for email on the move. Another new shiny function for Generation Y to play with?
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

The Generation Y tend to be a little informal in emails.

From the use of 'LOL' to smiley faces, we are known to shy away from formal email communication, and occasionally make a few blunders in that fashion when first entering the workplace.

I bet I'm not the only one who mistakenly called a previous boss 'love' or 'darling' in an email when first becoming occupied with monthly salaries, or by using a smiley face in an inappropriate scenario.

A few feature announced by Google is the introduction of the 'Scribbles' function -- a means to express yourself further than keyboard functions or a font style. Although not necessarily appropriate for the workplace, as a means of sprucing up your emails to family and friends, I quite like the concept.

Integrated in to the Gmail and Gmail iOS, you can now click on a 'scribble' button in the compose window to add a personal touch to your latest communication.

(Source: Gmail blog)

If you access your Gmail from the usual mail.google.com web address, then the function can be found in devices that are compatible with iOS 4+ and Android 3.1+, as well as BlackBerry PlayBook tablets.

I had to admire Google's 'reasons' for introducing this feature:

"From prehistoric humans etching in caves to the modern-day thinker sketching a stroke of genius on a napkin, scribbling is a natural form of human expression. Not constrained by formatting or font styles, scribbling is a versatile outlet for expressing individuality and creativity. Not to mention it’s a lot of fun."

Right in time for the holidays, those of us who spend our Christmas backpacking or away from the family may appreciate this Google brainwave. I must admit, if I received one of these 'scribbles' in my email inbox on occasion, it would bring a smile.

I can't see it really taking off, but it's still a fun feature.

Be warned though: your family may find it amusing, while your employer may not.


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