Seagate unveils world's largest consumer hard drive

The 10TB Barracuda Pro takes the top spot at the world's largest capacity consumer hard drive for desktop users.


If your hard drive is feeling a little bit cramped and you're not in the mood to carry out a data spring clean, then Seagate has the drive for you.

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The new Barracuda Pro is the first consumer desktop drive to hit the 10TB mark. The data is crammed onto seven platters, and it has a rotational speed of 7,200rpm, giving it a sustained transfer rate of 220MBps. Impressive for a hard drive, but it's nothing to write home about when it comes to the performance offered by SSDs.

The drive is also energy-efficient, consuming just 6.8W during seek operations and 4.5W at idle.

The drive also comes with a five-year warranty.

The 10TB Barracuda Pro has a list price of $534.99, which means that the capacity works out at around $0.05 per GB. Not bad when you compare it against the $0.38 per GB that Samsung's 4TB 850 EVO drive will cost you.

If the price is a bit high for you, and performance is not an issue, then you might be better off with Seagate's 10TB IronWolf for NAS, which has a list price of $470, or the $460 10TB SkyHawk drive that's designed to store video surveillance footage. Both these drives feature a three-year warranty.

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