Search Exchange 2012: SEO, social media, and more

Search Exchange is an Internet marketing conference you don't want to miss! Mark your calendars, because it's coming up soon.
Written by Stephen Chapman, Contributor
If you're an Internet marketer, then you're going to want to mark your calendar for July 23-25. For the third year in a row, Search Exchange will be taking place right here in Charlotte, NC. This year, there will be speakers from Microsoft and Google, as well as a whole slew of industry heavyweights, such as Wil Reynolds, Neal Rodriguez, Jim Boykin, Steve Plunkett, and many more. Check out the following excerpt from Wil Reynolds's presentation last year regarding link-building:


Besides the fact that the conference is held in my home town, one of the reasons I prefer it over others is because of the intimate setting it's held in. The primary benefit of that is the openness of dialogue that transpires and the juicy bits of info you get from it. For instance, last year, Rand Fishkin shared a really great tip about getting videos to rank in Google -- but he asked the room to promise not to tweet about it (and we didn't). In that regard, Search Exchange is somewhat akin to a well-kept secret, but I don't think that's going to last much longer. If you'd like to attend, then head on over to the Search Exchange Web site where you can register. Ticket prices are as follows: 3-day event ticket: $500 1-day event ticket: $250 As for the agenda, here are the topics that will be covered each day (click to see who will be speaking on each day): Day 1: SEO Day 2: Social Media Day 3: Analytics and PPC And last of note, yours truly will be presenting this year (day 1, in the 10:00-10:45AM time slot)! The kind folks running Search Exchange were gracious enough to allow me to discuss a topic that should blow the minds of those attending. If you've kept up with any of my past coverage, in relation to the types of information I'm capable of digging up with search engines, then you have at least some idea of what I'll be discussing. If not, however, then prepare to be shown a completely different side of Google, Bing, and the world of search in general. So, with that said, I hope to see you at Search Exchange this year! Be sure to say hello if you do decide to attend. -Stephen Chapman
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