Second Android app development guide now available from Google

Google is serious about helping Android app developers obtain success and has published a new version of its popular app developer guide.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor
Making a successful Android app requires skill and a design that both makes the app good at what it does and also appeal to device owners. To help in that effort last year Google published an online guide that shared tips and tricks to show developers the way to success.

That guide was downloaded over 200,000 times and Google has released a second edition giving more advice to developers. The new guide adds features designed to help create better apps on the Google Play store.

The guide covers building better beta testing procedures, offering app invites to entice people to use the app, and how to conduct experiments in store listing methods to get apps noticed.

The English edition of the developer's guide can be downloaded from the Android Developer's website and on Google Play. It should be available soon in a number of languages.

Google is augmenting the book with video episodes on its Android Developer YouTube channel. The first two episodes are available now and there are plans to release two new video episodes every week.

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