'Secret' iPhone 4S panoramic photo taker uncovered

iOS 5 has a few secrets up its mobile sleeve, such as a hidden panoramic photo taker. Here's how you activate it.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

iPhone tinkerers have discovered a new feature in the latest jailbroken Apple smartphone, allowing users to take panoramic photos straight from the device.

Panoramic photos can be used to take a wide, high-resolution photograph, by conjoining and combining a series of smaller images.

iPhone 4S camera secret (Source: CNET UK)

iPhone 4S camera secret (Source: CNET UK)

By enabling the feature, users can simply sweep the phone across the scene in one motion, and the clever little smartphone will do the rest.

Though regular iPhone users will not be able to access the feature unless they 'jailbreak' the device -- by unlocking the device using a tool to run unauthorised applications on the handset -- it could be a feature opened up in future releases.

CNET UK reports that the feature can be accessed by downloading Firebreak from 'outlaw' application store Cydia. However, there are plenty of applications in the regular iPhone app store that will allow you to take panoramic pictures without jailbreaking your phone.

This hidden feature is part of a series of updates to the camera on the updated iOS operating system, including gridlines for better photo-taking and an in-built photo editor.

Apple declined to comment on why the feature is not accessible as part of the iOS 5 release.
Meanwhile, Apple said that Siri will not be ported to older phones, such as the iPhone 4 or the 3GS.

Though hacks have enabled both predecessors to run the voice-activated intelligent assistant, it is thought that the boosted hardware specifications of the latest Apple smartphone is what enables the device to run smoothly and consistently.

Having said that, it has been shown in videos to run relatively smoothly on older iPhone devices, questioning why Apple has not been forthcoming over the reason why not.


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