Security on site

The internet may have introduced more computer-security vulnerabilities than mortal man (or woman) can cope with. Here's some sites to visit for the security conscious.

The internet may have introduced more computer-security vulnerabilities than mortal man (or woman) can cope with. But what the Net has caused, the Net also can help with. The Sm@rt Partner Techno Team surveyed the security community and also scouted some spots for ourselves, and we came up with this list of resources for the security conscious.

If you've been steeped in security, you'll recognize most of these sites. If you are an up-and-coming type or just idly curious, this list should be a gold mine for you and your partners.

However, we're not making any promises. Like the dynamic nature of the Net, some sites can come and go. Many sites are maintained as a hobby or in the interest of the general public. Please don't blame us if an attack or lack of attention makes any of these sites inaccessible.



Must See

Find the Bugtraq newslist here, along with 17 other moderate newslists and forums. If you can only visit one site, this is it.

Don't Be Vulnerable

CERT Coordination Center
Well-known authority for e-mail alerts on widespread computer threats. Training and analysis services, too.
SANS Institute
Not to be confused with storage-area networks, the group has its own attack response center (GIAC), performs salary surveys, and offers on-demand, weekly and monthly security newsletters.

Secure Yourself Here

Computer Security Institute
Highly regarded site publishing studies on security issues.
Center for Information Technology
Security. A good list of security resources from white papers to newsgroups
National Institute for
Standards and Technology
Write a security policy from the papers posted in the archives. Also has good crypto stuff.
The only Web search engine today devoted exclusively to security issues. Mirrored around the world.
Learn how to secure systems from virus attack at this site.
Talisker's IDS List
The place to start your search for intrusion-detection products
Purdue University COAST
A good, but "aging," list of security resources.
Guardian Digital
Resources, papers and newsletters for the penguin faithful.

At the Edge

Get an update on what the enemy's doing here.
L0pht Heavy Industries
With a capital L and a zero, this pun on dietary foods offers several serious tools for security personnel and the underground alike.
Underground site that is the home of the nmap stealth port scanner. Lists the top 50 recommended tools from security grunts
Site of an irregularly published magazine from the security underground. Worth a visit each month or so.
Home of the original phone phreak; good place for a glance at what the digital fringe is doing.
Get security and cryptography news here. Great computer attack analysis and some great graphs to stick in presentations for the suits.
Hacker News Network
Cool feature: the latest news on security and privacy on your wireless Palm Pilot.

Check Out These Other Sites

Point users to this site to dispel those idiotic urban myth e-mails. Like Vmyths, this site provides information on myth e-mails.
Parallax Research
Military and information warfare references. Worth a dash by.
Intelligence-community and computer-security articles. Pass by when
you have some time on your hands.