Seeing is believing: Locus Technologies environmental software helps visualize the impact

If seeing is believing, then we could all benefit from more environmental software applications like the one sold by Locus Technologies. You input your data once; it visualizes the impact.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

For those wondering about their liability under new environmental reporting legislation in California, Locus Technologies has released a free greenhouse gas calculator.

The calculator estimates the metric tons of carbon dioxide that are being emitted from stationary sources; that figure can help companies figure out if they need to do anything related to the California Air Resources Board's mandatory CARB 95101 (b)(8) legislation for mandatory greenhouse gas emissions reporting. While you're thinking about the California law, you might also want to reconsider the implications of the new reporting rule adopted by the Environmental Protection Agency, which goes into effect early next year.

Locus is, of course, a developer of software that helps companies managed their environmental data, including models for handling water and air strategies. Companies input their data, which can be used as the basis of multiple different regulatory reports or legislation requirements.

Neno Duplan, president of CEO of Locus, says the thing that really distinguishes his company's application is its focus on letting users visualize the impact of their usage or emissions. "Anything that can be presented visually IS presented visually," Duplan says.

The software is offered on-demand. That is, you ask the portal online. Locus currently has about 40 clients, although Duplan says that number is growing as more businesses become proactive about managing this sort of environmental on an ongoing basis, rather than just one per year (which is apparently what a lot of companies still do).

The more data you manage, the more you pay.

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