Sending out an SOS to BlackBerry SMS: messages bottled

Enduring props to Sting for the melodious metaphor. Hey I am not a big texter.
Written by Russell Shaw, Contributor

Enduring props to Sting for the melodious metaphor. 

Hey I am not a big texter. Maybe if I was 14, had an X chromosome instead of a Y and hung out at the mall, then maybe yea.

Instead I am a boomer with a BlackBerry Curve.

This morning, whilst (not a Brit but I love typing that word) on the Acela train from Providence to Boston for Fall Von I decided I would actually send an SMS via my Curve. Target: the actual X chromosomal unit back home in Oregon.

Sending out an SMS via BlackBerry is OK, but apparently, one of life's minor mysteries goes like this. Why, when incoming SMS messages come in, do they wind up in my general Messages box?

I'm not the first one to notice this. Was talkin' with my brother-in-law a couple of months back and he resented the fact that incoming texts from my sister wind up in the same Messages box as work orders, spams, scams, and well, you know (insert a Beavis cackle here).

A simple request from a not-so-simple man- wouldn't it be easier if there was a special SMS box where incoming SMS's could be received, and responded to from there?

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