SEOcret Santa: The Secret Santa for SEOs!

Well, it's that time of year again: Secret Santa... or as the SEO industry calls it, 'SEOcret Santa" -- the Secret Santa for SEOs!
Written by Stephen Chapman, Contributor
Kenny SEOgers-approved!

Kenny SEOgers-approved!

Though the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) industry has its fair share of scammers, spammers, and... snake oil...ammers(?), it also happens to be chock-full of awesome people who would bend over backwards to help their colleagues succeed -- never mind bond with one another. It is from within the latter SEO intelligentsia that ideas like this are birthed: SEOcret Santa!

That's right; Freelance SEO Consultant Joanna Butler and E-Business Consultant Dan Barker have put together a "Secret Santa" event for SEOs! What a great way to take an idea from the holiday season and apply it to an industry full of friends and strangers alike. Straight from "SERPLand," here are the (paraphrased) details of SEOcret Santa should you want to take part:



1. Only 1 sign up per person: of course!

2. Real names and addresses needed: this is a genuine gift swap after all! If you’re uncomfortable giving your address (or want to do this as well) then an Amazon wishlist URL would be great! More information on how to set this up is being put together now.

3. Price guideline: we’re going to recommend the usual secret Santa gift value of around £5 (About $7-8 USD).

4. Gift inspiration and letters to @SEOcretSanta: we recommend you use Tom Critchlow‘s awesome book list site, 7bks.com, as a great way to subtly advertise any books you’re hoping for and get inspiration from others! And of course you’re welcome to tweet / comment / blog / write on the SEOcret Santa Facebook page and otherwise promote any suggestions or wishlists you like! Just remember to tweet with the #SEOcretSanta hashtag so Santa can listen in!

5. When you receive your gift: take a photo of it (and you if possible!) and tweet it with the hashtag #SEOcretSanta!

Sign Up Now:

Make sure you include all of the following info and then email / DM us:

* Real name * Email address * Real address (and/or an Amazon Wishlist URL) * Amazon Wishlist address – don’t forget to make it public! * Let us know if you’d rather stay a Secret Santa by opting in or out of being revealed at any time. We may reveal Secret Santas at Christmas!

Send your details to:

* Email us at: SEOcretSanta@gmail.com * DM us (tweet at us to make sure we’re following you!): @SEOcretSanta

That’s it! The deadline is 6pm GMT on Thursday 9th December.


So, there you have it! If you're interested in taking part, you know what to do. Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. I know plenty of other industries that would do well to get something like this going, but... you know... not all industries are as awesome as this one or contain people as awesome as Joanna and Dan. And besides, just how many industries can turn "Secret Santa" into an industry-related term with the addition of just one letter!? :D

*Kenny Rogers image via CD Universe, "SEO" addition by me, and still Kenny SEOgers-approved.

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