Serena Software: Heed 'the DevOps movement'

The U.S. IT company adds new capabilities to its Orchestrated IT platform to speed up enterprise application development.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

San Mateo, Calif.-based Serena Software this morning introduced new change and release management capabilities for its Orchestrated IT platform.

The Silicon Valley company, which has been around for more than three decades, says that DevOps has become a primary driver for IT organizations that seek to drive revenue through cloud-based enterprise applications. (The company prefers to use the portmanteau "RevApps," but I just couldn't bear to inflict this verbiage upon you.) 

As I mentioned in all of the other DevOps announcements this week, the key goal here is time to market. If IT can speed up the development pipeline (and thus save on costs) as more and more revenue gets pushed into its cloudy purview, it's a value that translates easily to the senior management team.

Efficiency: not just a hardware concern.

Serena says its new features — which include self-service provisioning of environments, additional cloud and virtualized infrastructure deployment targets (Windows Azure and Amazon EC2) and improved resource management and demand planning (linking the cost of tasks to change requests) — will help IT shops increase their change and release cadence.

The enhancements will be available in version 4.5 of the company's suite.

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