Seriously, Apple, are you messing with me?

The thing is, Apple can do whatever it wants. Like sheep, we will still follow and buy.
Written by Jennifer Leggio, Contributor

Today brought the long-awaited announcement of the new tablet. Weeks of speculation over Apple's naming convention sparked considerations such as Apple Tablet or iTablet, but very few expected iPad. My first reaction to hearing the name wasn't to immediately start reading the news and analysis (though $499 is a cool deal) but to sit with mouth agape over the name.

iPad, really?

This made me think about the naming convention and the marketing associated with it. I immediately launched myself into speculation of attending an iPad launch meeting that could've gone something like this:

"Hey, let's call it the iPad!"

"Are you kidding? We got mocked so much when we launched the iPod! People did spoofs on iPad even then!"

"Oh, silly, we're APPLE. We can call it whatever we want and people will still buy it."

"iPad it is!"

(Note: This conversation likely never happened, or if it did, I wasn't there)

The funny thing is, these imaginary marketing people are right. It doesn't matter what Apple calls it's products. People will buy them. People will spoof them, but people WILL buy them.

And now, for a little bit more about the iPad:

Updated: It appears that YouTube is removing the Mad TV iPad spoof videos that were posted three years ago due to today's traction after Apple's announcement. Apple copyright police, perhaps?

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