Service helps small businesses build visibility for marketing content

Outbrain's self-serve Amplify platform can help SMBs increase the amount of time that visitors spend on their Web sites for as little as $10 daily.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

Small businesses with an active blogging campaign or lots of marketing brochures and white papers to promote might want to consider a new cloud service from New York-based Outbrain that can help boost the visibility of their content.

The Amplify service let companies submit their content (such as a blog entry or a case study) to contextually relevant premium publisher sites, where it appears as an editorial recommendation. The minimum campaign for these paid recommendations is $10 per day, according to information on the company's Web site.

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The offering was born out of Outbrain's sophisticated content recommendation service — used by the likes of CNN, Fox News, Hearst and Rolling Stone magazine. These publishers use the engine to ensure that their content shows up on blogs or new sites that cover similar topics; or they cloud be used internally to help serve up additional articles on a site that might related to one that a visitor is reading. The recommendations are contextual, so that they relate to the original source of content.

"Businesses large and small understand the importance of content marketing - whether it's a Fortune 500 publishing a white paper, or a restaurant framing a great review from a local newspaper and hanging it in their window," said Yaron Galai, cofounder and CEO of Outbrain. "Outbrain Amplify enables marketers to realize the full value of their content by exposing it to captivate audiences on some of the top publishers in the world."

Amplify was beta-tested by a number of small companies, including Swanson Health Products, which sells discount vitamins, supplements and herbs.

The service helped increase the amount of time visitors spent on the Swanson Health blog by up to 24%, while almost doubling the number of referrals to new visitors, according to an Outbrain case study.

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