ServiceNow launches four-app suite to manage the move back to the office

The Safe Workspace suite is built on the Now Platform and available now.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor on
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ServiceNow is launching a four-app suite designed to give enterprises the tools to return employees to the workplace, track health and manage inventory for things like personal protective equipment as economies and companies re-open during the COVID-19 pandemic

The ServiceNow suite, available now, lands as technology companies are launching applications to manage new normal enterprise functions such as staggered shifts in offices to maintain social distancing. A Safe Workplace Dashboard provides visualizations of the data collected by the apps as well as a map that brings in aggregated public data on infection rates.

For instance, Salesforce launched a portal called Work.com as well as back-to-work apps to manage emergency response, wellness, shift management and learnings tools. Work.com Command Center and Shift Management will be generally available in June with emergency response and contact tracing modules available later this month.

ServiceNow built its Safe Workplace suite on the Now Platform with integration to its human resources, IT and services applications. The general theme is that bringing employees back to the workplace is ultimately about workflow management, which is ServiceNow's specialty.

Core apps to Safe Workplace include:

  • Employee Readiness Surveys to gauge workforce preparedness via polls on topics such as interest in returning to an office and safety concerns.
  • Employee Health Screening to track things like temperature, PPE and trends within a facility and overall workforce.
  • Workplace Safety Management, a dashboard to configure, clean and socially distance workplaces. Companies can assign shifts in a workspace for an amount of time and configure cleaning schedules after a shift. Dashboards provide a real-time view of workplace reservations across floors, building and sites as well as cleaning status.
  • Workplace PPE Inventory management, which provides a view of inventory by facility as well as equipment levels.

Here's a screenshot of the suite:


ServiceNow's effort builds on a March rollout of community apps to help enterprises and government agencies manage COVID-19 response. Those apps are available for free until Sept. 30. ServiceNow released a community app so employees can self report to an employer that they are in self-quarantine and one that gives enterprises an emergency outreach tool. 


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