Services launched for Ubuntu-based clouds

Canonical will provide services to support companies building 'private cloud' infrastructures behind their corporate firewalls
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

Canonical, the London company that founded the Ubuntu Project, on Wednesday announced professional services to support companies that are building 'private cloud' infrastructures behind their corporate firewalls.

Earlier this year, the company released a technical preview of Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC), an open-source system that allows companies to build private clouds that match the Amazon EC2 interface.

Introducing the support in a statement, Canonical chief executive Mark Shuttleworth said: "Enterprises are realising that building 'private clouds' enables them to better manage variable workloads, while reducing the waste of idle servers.

"Building on open-source technology also avoids the issue of vendor lock-in. Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud enables businesses to do this — and the addition of these services helps them to do it with confidence."

Canonical is partnering with Eucalyptus to provide the support services, but through Canonical's support team and interface.

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