SESAMi offers new features

SESAMi offers new features and enhancements to industry-leading Marketsite, Buysite and Auction Services. Find out if these enhanced applications are viable solution to your ecommerce business.
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SINGAPORE - SESAMi.com, provider of B2B (business-to-business) e-commerce solutions and operator of SESAMi.NET today announced new features and enhancements to SESAMi.com's product range. All of these enhancements serve to provide users with a suite of products that redefines the industry's expectations of B2B trading."

SESAMi Auction Servicesis designed to allow flexible automated real time bidding for existing procurement or liquidation processes. It supplies businesses with a fully hosted solution and provides users with administrative capabilities to control the data and bidding processes.

Auction services 2.0 merge various client-specific customisations into a single code base to improve the interface and navigational aspects as well as the Administrator, Bidder and Originator pages. The new features on the Auction services site include enhanced multiple currency conversion capabilities.

The improved feature heightens the integrity of the countdown timer on the dashboard and removes closed auctions from bidder view while remaining visible to the administrator. In time, archiving will also be available with this feature. A distinct advantage of this feature is that it allows users to specify not only bid increments but minimum bid increment amounts as well.

SESAMI Auction Services also supports privately branded and customised auction sites for companies and market makers that want to offer auction services to their respective trading communities or customer base.

With the enhancements, sequential auction lots can now be done concurrently while allowing closing time to be consecutive. Bidders now can enjoy improved response time on the Admin dashboard.

Buysite 6.1 now has the capability to add a custom code to BuySites. This allows subscribers to integrate new or modified functionality into BuySite without having to create multiple code bases. The Purchase Order dispatcher now has to read an encrypted database connection string in the registry instead of the Dispatch 03.ini file, which enhances security.

The XCC installation and configuration process has been simplified and the BuySite has been upgraded to support and include the XCC installation and configuration changes. The Admin feature now includes a data/time mask that allows customising by locale.

The attachment configuration now enables creation of new payment terms. Requisition Total and Special Request Approver now have their own screen for configuring.

This site has been enhanced to simplify the installation and initial configuration process. Using the Instalshield, SESAMi MarketSitesoftware can be installed and the servers configured.

MarketSite installation is now possible in non-C drives. Enhancements have been made to provide a daemon to manage the servers and an admin console for operations.

The Lost and Found (L&F) service has been improved to include recycling of documents that go to the L&F Service, when the system is down and republishing the document when the system is restored.

With this application, the existing purchase order can be converted to a XML format. It also provides a detailed purchase order. All of the enhancements have been made after careful examination of the user's needs to make transactions as hassle free as possible.

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