Sharepoint Addons and Mashups Strike it Big in Boston

Sharepoint, RSS and Mashups are going to take center stage this week at the  Enterprise 2.0 show in Boston.
Written by Dave Greenfield, Contributor

Sharepoint, RSS and Mashups are going to take center stage this week at the  Enterprise 2.0 show in Boston.

On the Sharepoint and RSS  front....

....Microsoft and several partners are announcing new social networking, RSS feeds and other Web 2.0 technologies that allow integration with SharePoint Server 2007 so users can integrate internal company data with outward-facing applications like external customer and partner communities. Awareness Inc., NewsGator Technologies Inc. and WorkLight Inc., for example, are all announcing updated versions of their Enterprise 2.0 tools integrated with SharePoint. Microsoft will also announce nine partners that have released or will release Enterprise 2.0 tools integrated with SharePoint. And Serena Software Inc. plans to offer updates to its enterprise mashup server on Tuesday.

In addition, Microsoft on Thursday is expected to detail a new enterprise social networking prototype called TownSquare now being developed by Microsoft Office Labs. TownSquare is an enterprise news feed that allows users to receive news about managers, friends and colleagues in one place, Microsoft said. Microsoft also plans to announce a new open-source project for the development of podcasting applications in SharePoint Server.....

Meanwhile, today Serena Sofware is tackling the problem of simple composition for Mashups:

Also at the conference, Serena Software on Tuesday is slated to announce a new version of its Mashup Composer -- available in the third quarter of this year -- that is aimed at letting users drag-and-drop widgets, RSS feeds and Flash components into what the company calls rich interface mashups. The tool will mix any kind of widget or rich Internet application, including Adobe Flash, Amazon Search, Flickr, Microsoft Silverlight, YouTube and any of the 30,000 Google Gadgets, the company said.

These can be "mashed" with businesses process and data from internal applications to deliver these rich interface mashups, said Tim Zonca, Serena's director of product marketing. These mashups are made of widgets that are aware of what information is changing in an enterprise and can update themselves automatically to make sure that a user has the most recent information, he said.

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