Shark Tank entrepreneurs centralize collaboration with Bloomfire

SURFET Fitness, a three-person Shark Tank entrepreneurial success story, uses the social network for training, coordinating events and handling frequently asked questions.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

Lest smaller companies think that social collaboration tools are beyond their reach, consider the case of SURFSET Fitness, a three-person company that is using the Bloomfire platform to communicate mission-critical training content to trainers around the United States. 

SURFSET, which was featured on the Shark Tank reality show for entrepreneurs, is a fitness approach based on the sport of surfing. Not everyone has access to waves, but the founders figured out a way to use the moves associated with balancing on a board as a pretty serious core body workout, even if you're nowhere near the ocean.

Even though it's a small company, SURFSET needs to communicate with a network of nearly 800 trainers, and Bloomfire has been integral to the company's IT strategy, said Sara Ponn, director of marketing and training for the company.

The platform is used to share training information for the certification process, event marketing tips, and other materials with studios across six countries that are using its approach.

"We post all sorts of training materials and marketing ideas, and as a result I don't have to email trainers or studios directly as much as I did in the past," Ponn said. "It helps us make trainers feel like they're part of the team, without taking a lot of our time."

For more perspective on how the technology is being used now, see the video:

Right now, Ponn and the company's founders are the primary authors, contributing content that is shared. But in the future, they plan to designate additional individuals to offer more expert insight and knowledge, and to help faciliate questions.

The pricing starts at $200 per month for up to 25 users. But you can also opt for a plan that supports unlimited "learners" under a different pricing model: pricing for that plan starts at $600 per month for the main administration rights, you can additional authors for $4 per month per person.

Bloomfire this week added new features, including something called Your Feed, which prioritizes the content and updates that individuals see on the platform. It also has launched a Groups feature, which lets users receive information about specific topics or projects. 

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