Should Nokia drop MeeGo and put Google Android on their hardware?

Nokia may still be the worldwide leader in smartphone market share, but they seem to be all over the place. Can they drop MeeGo now in the early stages and launch high end Google Android devices successfully?
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

After Microsoft killed the Kin last week, it does make you stop and think about other mobile operating systems and devices that are out there competing in the smartphone market. Kevin Tofel put together a post that I think asks a valid question about Nokia and their future high end devices. Is it time for Nokia to dump MeeGo and embrace Android? I was pretty excited about my N900 and Maemo with the promise of Maemo 6, but then Nokia killed that off and partnered with Intel to announced MeeGo. I personally think the name is stupid, it reminds me of a caveman saying "Me go", and am not sold that it is the way for Nokia to move forward with their high end devices. Kevin makes a good argument for Nokia to consider putting Google Android on their high end devices, that could even translate well down to the mid and lower level devices.

Nokia is still the worldwide leader in market share for smartphones, but that has been on a fairly steady decline with no signs of a turn around any time soon. They appear to be resting on this leadership position while floundering around a bit trying to figure out a future strategy. I personally like their Symbian devices for the most part due to solid hardware, customizability, incredible RF reception, and various form factors, but after using the latest Google Android devices I don't see much need to use a Symbian device. The applications are mostly pathetic compared to Android and iPhone apps, their Ovi Store is incredibly lame and has a pathetic user interface, some of their latest hardware is missing key components (Nokia N97), and they have no presence here in the US. I have talked with developers who won't even work on Symbian apps because of all the variations in OS versions, even with the millions of customers available and I have to really wonder why a developer would focus on supporting Nokia devices when the iPhone and Android operating systems are taking off.

It seems that Nokia is a proud company and will hold onto the platforms they want to own and run, but I think it would be quite refreshing for them to give up on MeeGo and launch Google Android-based Nokia hardware. I would love to see an Android powered Nokia E73 or Nokia N8. What do you think about Nokia, MeeGo, and Google Android?

UPDATE: Here is a nice post from Ricky Cadden (who recently stopped writing the Symbian Guru blog after frustrations with Nokia and Symbian) who also agrees that Android would be good for Nokia.

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