Sideways iPad-only magazine September issue available for free for two days

Have you been thinking of trying out the Sideways iPad-only magazine? Well, if you visit the App Store on 14 and 15 September you can get it for free to see if it is worth your future $3.99.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I wrote an article in the last Sideways iPad-only magazine and wanted to give you all a heads-up on the new issue that is now available with a special two-day offer. You can "buy" the new September issue (iTunes link) for FREE on 14 and 15 September and after that the price goes back to its regular $3.99. So, if you were wondering if this magazine is worth it or not, you can get this issue for free and find out for yourself.

Here is the description for this month's issue:

Sideways -- The magazine, evolved. This isn't a print magazine converted to digital text. Sideways is the first publication written specifically for iPad users. It takes full advantage of the iPad's beautiful display and multimedia capabilities.* Published on SIdeways' M3platform, it explores topics and conveys information in ways that other magazines can't. This issue features a travel story on Memphis, a guide to Belgian beer, the story of the happy accidents behind the Slinky and chocolate chip cookies, as well as a photo gallery, essay, cartoon and more. It's all told through the most appropriate medium -- text, video, audio and still photography. Sideways is a monthly publication. You've entered the age of digital multimedia. Wouldn't you like something to read while you're here?

Remember, that Sideways is a magazine written only for the Apple iPad and some features of the magazine require an Internet connection to enjoy.

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