Silent Circle snaps up $50 million in fresh funding

The investment will be used to boost the firm's enterprise platform.
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Silent Circle has raised $50 million in a new investment round to fund improvements for the firm's enterprise platform.


Last week, Silent Circle said the new investment was raised through a Series C funding round led by Santander.

Silent Circle offers handsets and apps designed for those who wish to thwart surveillance attempts and snooping, born out of Edward Snowden's disclosures of the US National Security Agency (NSA)'s mass-surveillance activities.

While Silent Circle offers devices including the Blackphone to consumers, the company's Enterprise Privacy Platform (EPP) is the company's answer to the lucrative business market.

EEP is a suite of privacy applications, services and devices being rolled out to new partners worldwide for companies seeking ways to enhance the security and privacy of their networks -- such as keeping mobile devices controlled, secured and sandboxed away from apps which may lead to data leaks, network defense and filtering for malicious emails and files used in phishing campaigns.

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The suite offers applications including the Silent Phone secure calling system, Silent World's secure calling to mobile and landline users outside of the ecosystem and Silent Manager, which allows IT professionals to control devices connected to business networks through a web-based console.

The investment will be used to improve EEP as well as expand product development, business infrastructure and eliminate debt owned by Silent Circle.

"Ensuring privacy in an increasingly mobile world is something every organization is wrestling with," said Silent Circle Interim CEO and General Counsel Matt Neiderman. "That's why our solution is built from the ground up for the mobile world. We'll use our new funding to bring even more first-to-market capabilities that deliver convenient and compliant enterprise communications with uncompromising security standards."

Earlier this month, Silent Circle took the surprising decision to quietly kill off its warrant canary, claiming the move was made as a "business decision."

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