Silent Circle launches virtual security assistant Privacy Meter

The real-time privacy assistant is part of the latest Silent OS update.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer
Silent Circle

Silent Circle has revamped the security-centric Silent OS to include Privacy Meter, an assistant which keeps you aware of any device or network changes which could impact your privacy.

This week, Silent Circle sent an email to users making them aware of the latest Silent Circle OS update. The operating system, a customised version of Android, is found on the firm's devices including the Blackphone and Blackphone 2, which are tailored to give the privacy-conscious enhanced control over applications.

The mobile devices also include access to services which use encryption to prevent surveillance and spying, such as Silent Phone and Silent Text.

The Geneva, Switzerland-based company says that Silent OS 3.0 is based on the latest Google Android release, Marshmallow 6.0.1, complete with the tech giant's June security patches and fixes.

In addition to the latest security fixes, Silent Circle has added a new feature called the Privacy Meter. Embedded within the operating system, Privacy Meter is an app which runs in the background and continually checks your smartphone's configuration, settings and status.

The 'assistant' will then notify the user of any changes which "could be compromising the security and privacy of your data," according to the company.

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Silent Circle VP of Engineering David Puron said in a blog post:

"Think of it as an assistant that is always next to you helping you maintain the most awareness of your Privacy Profile.
Whether you have available software updates, your browsing certificates have been altered, or an app is sharing your location, the Privacy Meter will show you what is happening then guide you through the appropriate configurations, if desired."

Silent Circle has also introduced a Cellular Intrusion Detection System (CIDS) which will monitor a device for threats against the "baseband" smartphone cellular modem and connections to carrier cellular networks.

Puron says that while catching each attack may not be possible, mechanisms are in place to detect threats including tracking and network downgrades to weaker security protocols.

In addition, the firm has also upgraded the Zero-touch Managed Secure Spaces feature which allows users to create virtual containers in their devices to separate data and applications. With the latest version of Silent Circle OS, IT managers in the enterprise will now be able to remotely deploy a Managed Space to an employee device.

In June, Google patched dozens of critical vulnerabilities affecting Android devices, including remote code execution and elevated privilege flaws.

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