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What comes post-processor? Better processors?
Written by silicon.com staff, Contributor

What comes post-processor? Better processors?

Microchips currently underpin everything we do in the world of ebusiness. But how will that change over the next 20 years? Will we rely on them as much, or at all? silicon.com has attempted to answer these questions and more with the launch of a new Hot Topic - a channel for grouping together particularly topical or unique content - called Beyond the Processor. (http://www.silicon.com/btp ) This section features world-renowned futurologists Peter Cochrane and Ray Kurzweil reacting to some instances of future computing as seen through Hollywood's sci-fi eyes. But it also considers what the current chips vendors are planning for the next difficult year. There is also a look back at Moore's Law - cooked up by the founder of Intel, the company also sponsoring this Hot Topic - and whether it will endure. Coming days will see more related news and analysis, on a range of subjects and companies. What is beyond the processor? Probably more processors, but for more depth, go to http://www.silicon.com/btp .
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