Simplifying your PC Client Management

Need to cut down time wasted on deskside support? View this video to learn how HP can simplify your PC Client Management system.
Written by ZDNet Staff, Contributor

Hi I’m Billy Tan, Technical consultant from Hewlett Packard.

Today I’m going to share with you how you can actually ‘Simplify your PC Client Management’

Let’s look at a typical set of tasks an IT administrator needs to perform on a day-to-day basis.

- Time to time he would have to deploy new OS and applications

Asset Tracking:
- He needs to know how many PCs and what OS the users are actually using.

Patch Management:
- He needs to provide the OS and other applications with the latest patches.

Health monitoring:
- He needs to track the health of his PCs under his care

Finally, providing Helpdesk support:
- He needs to assist users in solving their problems in a timely basis.

Now, all these tasks are fairly manageable if there are only a few PCs in the office. The administrator can actually attend to it one by one.

If you had hundreds and thousands of PCs deployed in different buildings, and across the region, it will be an almost an impossible task for the administrator to execute his job effectively.

A more effective way is actually to use the Automated Remote Management software. This is where the administrator can use the central console to effectively manage all systems within the network remotely.

Let’s look at Deployment: In the past, administrator needs to be onsite for every PC installation. Now he can deploy all PC images through a central server automatically.

Next, Asset Tracking:
In the past, someone would need to physically check and verify the configuration of each PC. Now you can generate a report easily with the Central Management Console.

Patch Management can now be scheduled to be carried out outside business hours.

Health Monitoring:
He can now pro-actively monitor all PCs and be notified of any potentially disruptive condition.

Finally, Help Desk Support:

You no longer have to scramble and waste time traveling to provide deskside support. You can now troubleshoot and perhaps solve the issues remotely without leaving your IT support office

To experience these benefits, download a free basic edition of HP OpenView Client Configurations Manager.

This is Billy Tan, from HP

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