Singapore company launches integrated e-Logistics portal

New Portal will aid logistics industry to meet growing demands and fulfillment stages of e-commerceSingapore, 23 March 2000 -...
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New Portal will aid logistics industry to meet growing demands and fulfillment stages of e-commerce

Singapore, 23 March 2000 - AceFusion.com, an e-commerce enabling company in Asia Pacific, has announced the official launch of FusionHub, a premium integrated e-logistics portal.

FusionHub offers secure logistics management solutions that empower businesses and e-businesses, traversing across different delivery modes, including land transportation, air and sea freight, express courier services, and warehousing.

AceFusion.com recently announced its new office opening in Singapore and participated in the Singapore Government-led trade fair, Singapore TechVenture 2000, in the US.

In early March this year, AceFusion announced its successful first round venture capital funding of S$4 million.

The portal is operational and has already started delivering its services to customers; current users of FusionHub include companies such as public-listed Ossia International in Singapore and Traffic Express International of Thailand. More than S$300 million worth of goods is expected to be transacted over the portal by year-end.

FusionHub brings together these various players in the supply chain into a seamless, end-to-end solution that provides the necessary back-end fulfillment services of an e-commerce transaction.

“E-commerce is nothing without e-fulfillment. Today, as e-commerce becomes more prevalent in Asia Pacific, the real measurement of online success is not a fancy website or buying and selling over the Internet,” said Mr. Lim Chee Kean, chief executive officer of AceFusion.com.

“The true success of e-commerce is determined by the fulfillment backbone – how the business’ supply chain is integrating with logistics providers to get the right package out from the warehouse, across land, air and sea to the right buyer at the right time.”

Based on open Internet technology, FusionHub will allow third party software vendors to integrate with AceFusion’s solutions. FusionHub is designed with the user in mind, offering a host of benefits that can only be offered by a centralised site handling the business of e-fulfillment, such as, but not limited to:

  • Customers will be able to find the fastest and/or lowest-cost shipment method, without regard for which modes of delivery are used.
  • A centralised point of contact would allow for businesses to truly understand and determine all of the true back-end costs incurred in their supply chain management under different scenarios and take the necessary steps to lower them.
  • Ease the planning required for process flows between front-end and back-end e-commerce systems, long and short term handling mechanisms and integrate them seamlessly into an e-commerce business model.
  • Create a virtual warehouse where all orders are processed, regardless of order size. Whoever handles the package – be it a large warehouse facility or a small handling company – it is an invisible and seamless process to the e-commerce vendor.
  • Allows all e-commerce players, large and small, to understand risks involved in global business ventures and take steps to protect themselves (i.e. cargo insurance, excise and customs duties, accurate lead times, etc).

    “FusionHub has received a ‘two thumbs-up’ by both Asia Pacific and global businesses to build a cost-optimised delivery network of strong supplier/manufacturer relationships,” Mr Lim added.

    “The Internet has made this relationship to be more than just a social network; it ultimately fills the gap often overlooked in a so-called complete end-to-end e-commerce initiative. With FusionHub, it is easier to do business online.”

    Launched by the chairman of Singapore’s National Science and Technology Board, Mr Teo Ming Kian, FusionHub also aims to further spur the Government’s mission of making Singapore into the region’s best logistics hub. AceFusion opened its Singapore office with more than 60 employees and is expected to announce its second round venture funding around the middle of this year.

    About AceFusion.com
    AceFusion.com Pte Ltd, founded in late 1998 by a group of logistics and IT veterans, provides trusted, end-to-end, integrated supply chain management solutions for businesses worldwide.

    Based In Singapore, the Company is a strategic business partner of IBM/Lotus, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, ILOG and various hardware and software vendors. AceFusion.com is also a member of the Singapore Information Technology Federation.

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