Singapore: October's top Net usage

The most recent Nielsen//Netratings report indicates that in Singapore, porn and casino sites are among the biggest spenders for online advertising. And community sites are the most "sticky".
Written by ZDNet Staff, Contributor

Nielsen//NetRatings' recently released October findings on Singapore home Internet usage shows porn and casino sites to be top advertisers on the Internet.

The top spot for online advertisements, in terms of impression, domain and company, goes to MSN which recorded 7.7 million impressions that month.

Also among the leaders in online advertisement are Live Teen, a pornographic site and Eves Casino, an online casino.

Top adverstisers

Advertiser Impressions Reach %
MSN 7,799,991 34.23
Yahoo! 4,369,661 35.86
Live Teen 4,250,771 05.59
Pacfusion.Com 2,702,560 21.86
Eves Casino 2,032,705 05.71

Live Teen generated 4.2 million impressions with its banner advertisement and is in third position whilst Eves Casino assumes fifth position in the ranking with more than 2 million impressions.

Most sticky sites

The report also shows Singaporean surfers spending the most time at online community sites, averaging nearly two hours at these sites in the month.

Sports sites are the next most sticky sites, with Singaporean users spending about 28 minutes surfing this site category.

Top Web sites-by category

Property Unique Audience Time Per Person
Search Engines/Portals 447,610 0:03:58
Telecom/Internet Services 409,643 0:04:43
Online Communities 185,836 1:58:15

"Online communities drew a unique audience of 185 836 and was the third most visited category of sites after Search Engines/Portals and Telecom/Internet Services," said Hoe Chin Fee, managing director of ACNielsen eRatings.com in Singapore.

"This coupled with the significant time spent by surfers at this category of sites seems to indicate that online communities are becoming increasingly popular with Singaporean Internet users."

On Internet usage in Singapore, Hoe commented that the 12-17 age group are found to spend the most time online in October, clocking eight hours and thirty-two minutes. That's about two and a half hours more than the month's average of six hours and eight minutes.

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