Singapore to open Cyber Security Lab to train law enforcers

Facility will be set up by 2014 to train officers to counter cyberattacks, as deputy prime minister Teo Chee Hean names cybersecurity as one of Singapore's key challenges.
Written by Ellyne Phneah, Contributor
Singapore regards cybersecurity as a key challenge.

Singapore is shoring up its cybersecurity comptencies with the set up of a new Cyber Security Lab, aimed at providing law enforcers a realistic platform to hone their skills in countering cyberattacks.
"Countries around the world are grappling with the issue and still building up their cybersecurity and defense capabilities," said Teo Chee Hean, Singapore's deputy prime minister. Teo, who is also minister for home affairs and coordinating minister for national security, was speaking in during the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) Committee of Supply Debate last Friday.
Cyberattacks by criminals, terrorists and state-sponsored groups have grown in terms of frequency, severity and complexity, he added. "No country has found a complete solution, and the rapidly evolving nature of cyber technology means that any innovation can be obsolete very quickly."

Teo pointed out the government had amended the Computer Misuse Act to the Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity Act, so the ministry can now take proactive measures to prevent, detect and counter cyberthreats to nation security, essential services, defence and foreign reations.

Singapore will also continue to work with "like minded countries", provide cybersecurity training and operational support for law enforcement agencies around the world, he added.

Cyber Security Lab to increase critical infrastructure protection

In addition, the MHA will also be setting up a Cyber Security Lab (CSL) within the Home Team Academy by 2014, Teo noted.

The lab will be opened in partnership with the Singapore IT Security Authority (SITSA), and provide a hands-on platform for officers involved in the protection of critical information infrastructure (CII), the MHA told ZDNet Asia.

The aim of the lab is to increase the competency of officers in the prevention, detection and response to cyberthreats and forge closer collaboration between public and private sectors involved in the protection of CII, the MHA said.

The CSL will also be used to train officers from the Home Team, as well as CII regulators and operators, the MHA said. Singapore's Home Team consists of the country's Police Force, Internal Security, Civil Defence Force, Prison Service, Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, Central Narcotics Bureau and Casino Regulatory Authority.

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