SingTel launches subscriber app for event sharing

SingTel has partnered with Goba.Mobi to release a new app designed to promote social events.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

Powered by Goba.Mobi's GobaEngage platform, the mobile operator has launched Loop & Meet, a mobile app designed to promote social events pulled from SingTel's event and content aggregation portal inSing.com.


Singapore Telecommunications developed the app using GobaEngage, which is better known for use by organizations to create corporation-specific applications or in order to integrate "interactive" features in their existing apps.

John Dayani, CEO, Goba said,

"In a world becoming increasingly dependent upon mobile technology, our drive is to leverage the momentum around the social-mobile experience to facilitate real, needed personal interaction. Goba is honored to be partnered with SingTel to bring this innovative vision to their mobile subscribers."

Events pulled from SingTel's event portal are refreshed on a daily basis, and are categorized by movies, music, leisure, night out, arts, festivals and family. The app can then be used to invite others to an event via SMS, email, or social networking. Similar to Facebook's event feature, Loop & Meet can track invitations, send reminders and be used to confirm attendance.

Initially for use in Singapore, the app can be downloaded at the Apple App Store and Google Play. It is designed to be an easy way for mobile users to find and connect to real-life events, even if a user's friend has not installed the app or is not present on a social networking site.

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