Sir Jonathan Ive offers children design tips

On a British TV show that influenced him as a child, Apple's legendary Sir Jonathan Ive discusses the wonder of design and offers advice on designing a better school bag.
Written by Reena Jana, Contributor

Some say that Apple's iPads and iPhones are so intuitive to use that any young child can navigate their interfaces with no direction. (And parents of young children know this first hand.) But imagine this: kids learning how to design like Sir Jonathan Ive, Apple's senior vice president of industrial design -- coached by Ive himself. This scene isn't a figment of an ambitious 7 year old's imagination. Ive recently appeared on a U.K. kids' television show to talk about the discipline of design.

The program is called Blue Peter, and it wasn't just a random celebrity appearance. Ive watched Blue Peter himself as a young lad. In the clip, he recalls how the show influenced his future career path. And to involve and inspire the future Jonathan Ives, he reviewed some designs for a child's multi-purpose school bag that were submitted by young Blue Peter fans who watch the show. He suggests that an object's name is just as important as the physical aspect of its design when he advises ditching the word "box" from lunchboxes and pencil boxes. The term, according to Ive, conjures a sense of confinement.

The clip is sweet and accessible, and illustrates not only how much Ive loves the discipline of design, but also how he's still filled with a charming sense of wonder. Watching it, you get a feeling that he never lost the childhood awe he had for practical and fun-to-use objects. Thankfully, he's shared it not only via his hugely successful work for Apple, but also now via this clip targeted to the next generation of designers.

Here's the clip:

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Image: YouTube still

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