Sir Martin Sorrel, CEO of WPP, on building a global powerhouse

Written by Vince Thompson, Contributing Editor

There's been lots of buzz around this great interview that Charlie Rose recently conducted with, the CEO of WPP, Sir Martin Sorrell.

Twenty-five years ago WPP was a wire basket manufacturer. Today the company is the world's largest advertising and marketing services firm, doing business around the globe with well known brands such as Ogilvy, Group M, J.Walter Thompson, Grey Global, Y&R, Hill & Knowlton, Millward Brown and many more.

Sir Martin Sorrell's accomplishments are nothing less that stunning and he's known to be a great and colorful leader. Born to a Jewish family in Britain with degrees from Christ’s College in Cambridge and an MBA from Harvard, Sir Martin's motto is said to be "act British, think Yiddish!"

Here's why people are talking Charlie Rose's great interview with Sir Martin:

  • Sir Martin talks about the BRIC nations, the pace of growth globally and what it takes to build a global powerhouse.
  • Sir Martin talks about inflation and believes we, in the US, are in for a big 70’s style run up.
  • Sir Martin talks about the opportunities the Internet and Internet technologies represent to firms.
  • Sir Martin talks about marketing services such as research, promotion, PR and other forms or marketing that represent two-third thirds of his firms revenue.

Here’s the interview for you to experience yourself.

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