Siri, why can't you help me? Tip to get more crazy answers

Siri is a pretty amazing AI service on the new iPhone 4S, but remember it is in beta and not yet perfect. You may lose your connection to the service so here is a tip to reconnect.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of posts on the Internet this weekend about all the crazy things people are asking Siri on their new iPhone 4S. I am loving my new iPhone 4S and doing all kinds of testing on it, including unlocking it for international SIM card usage, but this morning Siri stopped answering my questions. Now, it may be that she is just tired of answering my stupid questions, but it seems to be a network/application issue.

I made sure I had both a WiFi and strong Verizon signal so I could rule out network connectivity. Siri requires a network connection to work, but I ruled that out. I then thought that maybe the Apple Siri network was down, but there were no reports of that on Twitter. I then found this website tip and after performing the steps below Siri is back answering my questions in a nice Australian female voice:

  • Click on Settings>General and then slide the toggle to Off with a confirmation to Disable
  • Reboot your iPhone 4S
  • Now again Enable Siri back in Settings>General
  • Try it out again and you should be back in business

I am not sure why Siri "lost" the connection to the service and will keep an eye on how often this happens. BTW, you can choose from these four language for Siri:

  • English (Australia): Female voice
  • English (United Kingdom): Male voice
  • English (United States): Female voice you have seen in most all the videos
  • French: Male voice where you need to speak French and then see and hear your response is in French.
  • German: Female voice where you need to speak German and then see and hear your response is in German.

I started out with the English (US) voice, but prefer the Australian female voice myself. What voice/language do you have Siri set to?

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