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Some sites seem rather over-the-top in their devotion to and adulation of people and pets.
Written by Ella Morton, Contributor

The Internet is a place of sharing and caring; of unrestrained adulation and untempered disparagement. It is a medium in which emotions are magnified, and embarrassment thresholds are raised.

My cousin recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and posted photos and stories of her bundle of joy at a Web site dedicated to showing off new offspring.

Sharing jpegs of babies is one thing. Uploading snaps of your cat and creating a profile on catster.com is another.

Now, while I admittedly am no Dr. Doolittle in the affinity-with-animals stakes, surely I'm not alone in thinking that a site which bills itself as "the place to post and share facts and photos about your favourite fluffy" is a little over the top.

Another site which caught my eye this week was ThankYouSteve.com.

"Which Steve are we thanking?", I hear you ask in that silent, non-speaking way.

That would be His Holy iPoddedness Steve Jobs, naturally.

A group of appreciative Apple users has decided to mark the company's 30th anniversary by creating a Web site in the CEO's honour, which features a "Daily Stevequote" and sells t-shirts emblazoned with "Thank You, Steve!". The site's creators are perhaps being a little too optimistic in this request though:

Hey, we wanna see YOU guys wearing Thank You Steve shirts - at work, at the club, hanging out...whatever. If you haven't snagged a shirt yet you can get one here, then take a picture of yourself wearing it and send it in! We want Mac people everywhere to see and be seen in the hottest shirt on earth right now.

Are you a cool chick sporting an iPod? Then complete your ensemble with a Thank You Steve shirt - and send us your photo today!

We're waiting!

Is it too mean to say they might be waiting a long, long time?

What over-the-top sites have you encountered recently? Share the amusement with us in Talkback below.

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