​SK Telecom launches LoRa-based fire detection solution

SK Telecom has launched a fire detection solution that uses LoRa network-connected detectors and smartphones for monitoring.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer on

SK Telecom has launched a wireless fire detection solution that uses its LoRa Internet of Things network, the company has announced.

The wireless detectors can check the temperature of rooms and whether they are functioning properly and send the data in real-time to smartphones. The fire detectors update temperature data hourly and upload it via the cloud.

Conventional fire detecting systems connect fire detectors to receptors via a wire or those that are wireless were insufficient, SK Telecom said. The LoRa network overcomes this and uses less power that will allow batteries in detectors to last longer.

The company will later combine this solution with its cloud video surveillance solution to offer clients combined monitoring capabilities.

It will also later add more sensors to detectors so that it can monitor earthquakes and air purity.

SK Telecom launched its LoRa network in 2016 and has since launched various solution that utilizes it.

Last year, the company launched a service using the network that measures solar power usage in households.

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