​SK Telecom commercialises IoT-dedicated network

Costing only 2,000 won ($1.75) for 100MB of data per month, SK Telecom hopes the price competitive IoT-dedicated network will create new services in the emerging area.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

South Korean mobile carrier SK Telecom has commercially launched a nationwide network exclusively for Internet of Things (IoT) services that offers 100MB of data per month for only $1.75.

The network uses the firm's LoRa wireless standard-based network, a joint project with compatriot Samsung, and its LTE-M network built in March.

SK Telecom hopes the price competitive network will be used by customers for remote light control, wireless meter readings, manhole monitoring, and wearables.

The telco said the new network overtakes previous machine-to-machine (M2M) services' relatively high power consumption and prices, and contributes to an increase in supply and demand in IoT-related businesses.

Customers can use 100MB of data for only 2,000 won, around $1.75, per month. Those using the network for meter reading will need only to pay 350 won (31 cents) per month.

The company will also distribute for free 100,000 IoT modules for applying customers.

Rival KT is also planning to deploy an IoT-dedicated market within the year that uses an LTE-M network.

Last month, SK demonstrated the potential of its 5G infrastructure, in partnership with Ericsson.

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