SkyDox cloud file-sharing service streamlines collaboration

Service can managed diverse document formats including Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat and Lotus Notes.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

SkyDox is wooing small and midsize businesses in the United States with a cloud-based service that focuses on file sharing and collaboration.

The company, which hails from London, said its application is distinguished by its extensive compatibility with existing content management and office productivity applications. That includes Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Adobe Acrobat, FileNet, Documentum and Lotus Notes. Although the service is enterprise-class, SkyDox has found its biggest early following so far among SMBs that need to share documents such as contracts or marketing presentations with far-flung teams or clients, say SkyDox executives. The software has been under development since 2009, and it became available in the United States about three months ago.

"Our biggest interest comes from the SMB," said Daniel Von Weihe, vice president of marketing for SkyDox. "One thing that we have found in businesses of this size is that it is very common for a project to include external consultants, contract employees or business partners."

SkyDox works by allowing companies to share documents that might need reviews or revisions within a secure, cloud-based workflow. The application allows authorized individuals to comment or to read, and it provides an audit trail of who touched the content -- and when. One of the biggest drivers for SkyDox deployments is mobility, Von Weihe said. The idea is to avoid having multiple versions of documents circulating in places that are far more difficult to control, such as over potentially unsecured email.

Pricing for SkyDox starts at $15 per month per user for smaller companies. Enterprise licensing plans kick in if you have more than 10 users that want to share the application.

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