Skype 3.8 Beta Release - Ho Hum, Same Old Bugs

Skype version (Beta) was released last week.
Written by J.A. Watson, Contributor

Skype version (Beta) was released last week. Don't rush to download it, because it appears to have pretty much the same bugs as Skype 3.6 has. Despite some of the "experts" on the Skype User Forums going through old posts and advising pretty much everyone to immediately download and try this new release (perhaps I don't understand what a "beta" release means, or else Skype has a different kind of beta than anyone else), there has yet to be a single reply from one of those Skype users saying "hooray, my (whatever) problem is fixed by the new release!".

According to the release propaganda, this version has "significantly better audio quality". Now, if you made a product which had literally thousands of complaints about video problems - freezing, missing, crashing, color bars, and on and on and on - would you put your development effort into improving the audio quality? Neither would I.

I downloaded it, installed it on my test system, and started it up long enough to verify that the "presence reporting" problem is still there. After that, combined with what I had seen (and not seen) in the User Forums, I just shut it back down and forgot about it.

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