SkySQL raises $4 million for database product development

SkySQL shores up more VC funding as it prepares to shift towards becoming a fully-fledged database products and solutions provider.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

MySQL solutions provider SkySQLhas just completed another successful round of venture capital fundraising.

This time, the Helsinki-based startup raised $4 million in Series A funding. Much of the funding is being offered up from European investors, including Finnish Industry Investment Limited and Open Ocean Capital, also in Finland.

Yet one of the VC firms singled out as a leader in this round was OnCorps in Massachusetts, a peer-based community of veteran technology investors and advisers focused on making "cost-disruptive technologies" more mainstream. OnCorps has been committed to SkySQL from the beginning in October 2010.

Even though the company has focused on solutions for MySQL and MariaDB databases for enterprise and cloud customers in the past, SkySQL is planning to use its new financial resources to branch out a bit.

That that means more product development around more "fully-fledged" database products and adding more critical positions within the company.

Nevertheless, SkySQL CEO Ulf Sandberg reassured customers in a statement,nothing that while "this investment will let us focus on ramping up development and efforts behind both enterprise and cloud database products," the company will continue to "build on our existing MySQL and MariaDB services offering."


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