Slim Xbox 360 and Natal bundle could be announced at E3

Rumor has it that Microsoft will be announcing a Slim Xbox 360 plus Natal hardware bundle at E3 this June.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Who doesn't like to start the week off with a good rumor? Today it's the possibility of Microsoft announcing a Slim Xbox 360 plus Natal hardware bundle at E3 this June.

According to the tech blog Surfer Girl, the new console would get a re-design with a new logo, color (black) and an obviously-slimmer frame. She continues to describe Slim 360 as "pretty neat." She sounds thrilled.

The rumor blogger also offers a clue of highlighted initials (M.G.S.) as to one of the games that will make the most use of this bundle, leading others to speculate that the title is Metal Gear Solid. (Any other ideas?)

Project Natal was introduced at E3 last year, and the motion camera/microphone hardware system is set to be released this year. Microsoft is expected to drop a couple of announcements at this year's gaming trade show, so the timing would seem likely.

(Pictured above is the Xbox 360 20GB edition, not the rumored Slim Xbox 360.)

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