Small Business: Is Your Company Biker Friendly?

Small Business: Is Your Company Biker Friendly?Author: Eric EversonIt’s that time of year again when motorcycles are out in full force.
Written by MobileTech , Contributor

Small Business: Is Your Company Biker Friendly? Author: Eric Everson

It’s that time of year again when motorcycles are out in full force. Whether you’re in the U.S. or the U.K. bikers are enjoying the warm weather after a long winter pause. For entrepreneurs and business managers alike, making concessions for motorcycle riders can greatly improve your business.

Though I am the innovative technologies blogger “Mobile Tech” my other great passion is motorcycling. Motorcycles have been a driving force in my life for as long as I can remember. All of my life, everything else stands still around me when a motorcycle comes into view. I’ve recently learned to harness my moto-obesssion in the form of BikerAwareness.com, so I’m staying professionally connected to what I love.

As a motorcycle rider I’ve seen an increasing number of businesses begin to recognize the buying power of the riding community. The reality is that the old U.S. Motorcycle Safety Foundation adage is actually true, “Motorcycles are Everywhere.” While this means you should look for us on the road, you might also do your small business a world of good by catering to us too. Recently I’ve seen parking roped off or especially designated for motorcycles in some very interesting places. From mega-malls to Main Street, businesses are making it easier for motorcyclists to access their businesses.

The good news is though the term “biker” often conjures up negative rough-and-tumble images, that perception is rarely the reality. In fact bikers are some of the nicest and most generous people you’re likely to meet. Add to that, bikers are a very tight knit community so when we find a local business that caters to us we’re quick to spread the word. If your small business could use a summer boost and you’re looking for a good way to differentiate from your competitive market, perhaps it’s time to consider that “Bikers Welcome” signage.

While I’ve got your attention, remember to look twice for motorcycles! If we could all get just one person to look twice for bikes, we could make a world of difference to preserve biker lives!

Cheers, Eric Everson – aka: The Mobile Tech

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