Smart move: Hire the customer!

Written by Vince Thompson, Contributing Editor

CareerBuilder, a global leader in human capital with the largest online job site in the US, has been well known for their marketing success and hilarious Superbowl Spots*. This year the company is taking a different tack by foregoing the agency route and giving the job to one of CareerBuilder’s many jobseekers.

Curious to learn more I checked in with Richard Castellini, CareerBuilder’s Chief Marketing Officer. Here’s what he had to say…

First, why take your advertising duties in house?

CareerBuilder always had a strong advertising staff in-house that worked side by side with our agencies. They are seasoned pros who know our target audience and know how to execute effectively. We made a strategic decision to change our approach to our advertising and leverage the expertise of these pros in a new way. If you’re not consistently taking calculated risks and making bold decisions, you’re not challenging yourself. We are a company that challenges itself.

Do you think of direct response as an in-house proposition for marketers and branding more suited for the outside agency model?

I think it all depends on the company.

Why did you choose to create a contest for your Superbowl spot this year?

CareerBuilder was one of the early adopters of user-generated, short-form content and now we’re taking our investment to a whole new level. There are so many talented workers out there who are facing a really tough job market. Introducing this twist into our advertising opens the door to a new resume-building experience that showcases their talent. And who better to ask what appeals to job seekers than the job seekers themselves?

Will you save money?


What do you expect will happen?

We expect to once again deliver break-through creative that resonates with our audience.

How will you choose the winner?

Our marketing executives will evaluate based on what is the best choice for our brand, what will be memorable and stand out among other advertisers and what will hit home with our target audience.

What rules do you think about often or follow as you make your marketing decisions?

Accountability is part of every decision. With every allocation, you have to be thinking about ROI and what will best serve your customers, your partners and your employees.

What advice do you give marketers looking to drive more performance in tough economic times?

Don’t be afraid to try something new.

What advice can you give candidates looking to distinguish themselves?

Keep an open mind. Look at how you can transfer your skills to new areas.

Thanks Richard.

Wanna try your own hand at creating CareerBuilder’s next Superbowl spot?

With 100k to the winner and 50k to the runner up you could wind up feeling pretty Smart.

*Need a Good Laugh? Revisit CareerBuilder's SuperBowl XLIII Spot. Click Here.

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