Smart scale lets parents track, share their baby's stats

Withings has tapped into the public's need to constantly monitor, measure and share data with its Smart Kid Scale, an Internet-connected scale outfitted with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a companion app.

In a precursor to the Internet of things--when everything from smartphones and cars to refrigerators and traffic cameras will communicate with each other without requiring human intervention--a never-ending stream of smart gadgets continue to roll out.

Even relatively mundane activities, like stepping on a scale, have turned into an connected experience. French company Withings has tapped into the public's need to constantly monitor, measure and share data with its new Smart Kid Scale, an Internet-connected baby and toddler scale outfitted with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and, of course, a companion app.

The Smart Kid Scale, which was unveiled earlier this month, weighs your baby to the nearest third of an ounce in seconds, allowing parents everywhere to "check that your newborn baby's weight is in the standards according to the World Health Organization's official growth chart," the company said in a recent blog post.

The scale, which is $179.95, comes with a baby companion app that allows users to track growth and log nutrition information. The scale converts to accommodate children up to 55 pounds.

Every time the baby is weighed, data is automatically uploaded via a Wi-Fi network or will connect to an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in Bluetooth. The app stores the weight data and will automatically draws a development chart, which parents can share via Facebook or email to friends and family. The app even lets parents monitor their baby's milk intake by logging bottles and breastfeeding sessions.

Withings hasn't forgotten about adults. The company's new Smart Body Analyzer measures weight, body fat, heart rate as well as the environment around you, such as ambient temperature and carbon dioxide levels. The readings are then transmitted to a mobile app via a built-in Internet connection. The results are stored and can be shared with your doctor, support group or friends via Twitter or Facebook.

Photo: Withings

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