Smart Scooping: Breville Ice Cream Maker Detects Ideal Texture

Think of it as a crock pot for ice cream.
Written by Jenny Wilson, Contributing Editor
Breville SmartScoop

It's like a cold crock pot. A new product addresses the problem of homemade ice cream that just can't seem to reach the same texture as the store-bought stuff. As opposed to other ice cream makers that churn until you stop them, the Breville Smart Scoop lets you choose the kind of texture you want, and then takes care of the rest.

This ice cream maker is the first of its kind that can automatically sense how hard its contents are, and will stop when it needs to based on user selection. And users certainly have a lot of selection when it comes to level of hardness: 12 different settings allow you to make sorbet, frozen yogurt, gelato, ice cream, and everything in between. When it reaches its desired consistency, the machine stops and keeps it cold for up to three hours--just like a slow cooker would do for hot food. You can put in the ingredients, go enjoy an end-of-summer cookout, and then serve a delicious frozen dessert when you're ready to.

One downfall: it's currently priced at $399, significantly more than other brands which tend to cost below $100. But for serious ice cream enthusiasts, this innovation is the cherry on top.

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