Smartphone app comes to Houston public transportation

Houston's public transport now has a smartphone app to better serve the riding community.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Public transportation in Houston is now easier to use due to the beta launch of the Q-Ticketing app. The app is currently available by invitation for iPhone and Android phones. The easy-to-use app is primarily for buying single ride and day passes using the phone.

Houston's Metro Transit Authority (Metro) has long offered the Q-card, a credit card style method for purchasing bus and light rail tickets and with the new smartphone app using public transportation in Houston is easier than ever. Tickets are purchased with just a few taps.

In addition to paying fares, the Q-Ticketing app has tools for riders including a route finder. This uses the phone's location along with an input destination. Based on the desired route and bus/rail schedules the app finds the best way to get there. This is displayed with all buses needed to get to the destination.

The app is in beta and Metro expects to release it to the general public this year. While just launching on a limited basis both bus drivers I spoke to about it were familiar with its release, so Metro is making sure beta users have a smooth ride from the beginning.

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