SmartRecruiters updates 'social hiring' platform

Two new features make it simpler for small business teams to collaborate on hiring decisions and to attract a broader pool of qualified candidates.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

You and I both know that the process of hiring the right person for your company is a very social and culture thing despite the official rules you need to follow, which is why I highlighted startup SmartRecruiters here several months ago. 

The site has been updated with an overhauled interface and two new features worth noting:

- Hireloop is focused on supporting hiring teams that need to review, discuss and collaborate on hiring decisions -- regardless of whether or not they are sitting in the same office location (even in smaller companies, there are usually at least three people involved in a hiring decision, according to SmartRecruiters research). 

1-Click-Apply is meant for applicants, allowing them to submit Facebook or LinkedIn profile information or a resume attachment to prefill an employment application more quickly. The theory here is that since the process is so quick, your company might attract talent that might not need a new job, but who might want to initiate a discussion that could result in a match-up in the future. In essence, it might expand the recruiting pool.


“Talented employees are the life blood of our business,” said Debbie Fields, Director of HR and Enterprise Development at Boulder Imaging, a company that makes technical video equipment, in a statement. “Since we started using SmartRecruiters over twelve months ago, we have been able to double our staff and save 60% on our budget, having given up professional recruiters. In addition, we’ve gone from a heavily manual process of managing recruiting efforts to a more automated one, saving us untold hours of work.”

The beta version of SmartRecruiters was launched in February 2011. Since that time, approximately 20,000 businesses have created 100,000 jobs through the platform.  

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